Company Profile


Thomas Büchner, Managing Director

"We have been a dependable and committed partner for our customers for over 15 years."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Büchner, Managing Director

In addition to high quality, other important factors for us are a good cost performance ratio, consistency and long-term availability.

Because we both develop and manufacture in Germany, we are able to offer a maximum level of flexibility and speed.


Our top priorities are of course the best possible quality, a high level of failure safety and durability.

The selection of high quality components together with a well-established team of motivated suppliers help and support us.

Following production, each individual product is measured and documented at an image processing workstation as a part of the inspection process. With the designation of serial numbers, product history can be traced at any time.


We offer LED lighting systems for a wide range of tasks, for DC or strobe operation, diffuse or direct distribution and with various aperture angles. The available colour spectrum ranges from UV to various whites and the classic colours until IR.


Low weight, robust housing, solid design, simple mounting, plug connectors suitable for industrial use and other factors are important criteria during the design process. Thermal construction and optimal heat dissipation in particular guarantee a high level of dependability and a long service life. Thermography aids us in achieving optimised solutions.


As well as our standard product assortment that is being continuously expanded upon, we also implement customer-specific modifications and developments.

These include individual constructions and OEM components.


Our aim is not only to supply good products but also to offer our customers solid, reliable technical support. And in addition we are also glad to help with the selection of lighting components, filters and control technology.

Our spectrophotometer enables us to delve deeper into the spectral world. This in turn enables us to implement challenging tasks, especially as a part of customer-specific projects.