Checklist Illumination

Checklist Illumination

We help you to find the right product for your application. The most important criteria for selecting the suitable lighting are listed below. The more information you give us the better we can consult you.

If this way is too complicated for you, we are of course always available by phone
at +49 (0) 8293 909-112.

Choosing the right light color or the right spectrum is a crucial criterion. Among other things, it depends on the color of the object. We offer the entire color spectrum from UV 365nm to IR 950nm. If you need help in choosing the right color, we are always at your disposal.

Please enter here the size of the area to be illuminated or at least the object size.

Please enter here the distance between the Light/s and the object to be illuminated.

If you have a default value for the required brightness you can enter it here. The brightness is usually given in lux or W / m².

Please specify whether the lighting is used in continuous operation or in flash mode (for example with a shutter camera). Flash operation achieves a multiple light intensity in contrast to continuous operation without affecting the life of the LED. Our lights are usually available for continuous operation at 12 or 24VDC or flash mode with a separate controller. The lights for continuous operation can be operated directly on a conventional voltage source.

What specifications exist regarding to the housing size, the weight or the IP protection?

Which type of lighting do you need? Criteria here are, for example: the direction of light, the opening angle of the LED or if the light should be direct or diffuse.

Which property has the surface of the object to be illuminated? Is the surface dull or shiny? Are there problems with reflections?

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Hier können Sie uns weitere Anforderungen Ihrer Applikation nennen. Dazu gehören beispielweise Maßnahmen zur Vermeidung von Fremdlicht, der Einsatz von speziellen Filtern oder spezielle Anforderungen zum Blitzbetrieb